Bobby is a strong defender of life and religious liberty. He will fight to protect the unborn and to end practices that deny Christians the right of free expression in our schools and communities.

Michelle Smith

Concerned Women of America

(For identification purposes only. CWA does not endorse)


I am endorsing Bobby Vickery in the March 4th Republican Primary, because I believe he is a true conservative and one who will serve our district well.  He hold to the values that have made our state great and I am convinced that we will uphold those values of pro-life, and the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman.  I commend him to you nad believe that he will be the best choice for our State representative.

Dan Manuel, Minister

Crockett Road Church of Christ

Palestine, Texas


Bobby Vickery would be a good representative who would put the interest of the people first instead of his own or special interest groups.

Without reservation, I am so proud to give Bobby Vickery mine and Patsy’s full endorsement for victory and his election as our State Representative , Districrt 8. Time after time, he has always demonstrated perseverance, loyalty, integrity, and determination for standing up, determining what is right, and then pursuing the goal of implementing that right into public policy.

Gary Holcomb

Palestine, Texas


District 8 voters need Bobby Vickery, a real conservative fighting for them in Austin. They do not need a politician who talks conservative. Bobby Vickery is a strong, principled leader who will fight for you. He will lead the way to lower taxes and smaller government. Bobby will stand strong for our conservative Texas values, including the rights of the unborn. I urge all my friends in District 8 to vote for Bobby Vickery for State Representative, District 8.

Cathie Adams, President of Texas Eagle Forum,

former Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas


I endorse Bobby Vickery because he is a strong conservative, is dedicated to defending the rights of the unborn, and is a staunch advocate of religious liberty. The Texas legislature needs more strong conservatives like Bobby Vickery and the people of District 8 deserve a leader who will not just talk like a conservative, but will vote as a conservative and lead as a conservative. Bobby Vickery will do just that and that’s why I support him.

David Barton, Wallbuilders

Former Vice Chairman, Republican Party of Texas


I’ve known Bobby for a few years now and he is committed to always doing the right thing.  Trust me – he will listen.  If he doesn’t know the answer – he will get it.  He is one of the most honest, caring persons I know.  He is passionate about representing District 8.

Doreen Jones – Palestine


I’ve known Bobby since High School. He has been involved and interested in politics probably since birth! He stays up to date with our local, state, national and world news. Bobby’s wide range of state knowledge, politics and business plus his extended and ever growing commitment to actually meeting and getting to know our elected officials make him the ultimate candidate. Bobby has my vote and should have yours as well.

Charlotte Ann Meazell


Bobby Vickery is a committed Christian conservative who is dedicated to restoring a responsive, ethical and service-oriented mentality to public office. In his words, “We need more Statesmen, not politicians.” Bobby has an impressive track record of success in personal, religious, and professional endeavors through shear hard work and sacrifice. We should be grateful that he is willing to make this additional, long-term sacrifice to help ensure Texas continues its tradition of being No. 1 in the fight for individual liberties, property rights, state’s rights, and compassionate conservatism.

Virginia (Gina) Votti


Bobby will work hard for his constituency. will listen. and not be influenced by special interest.

Jerry Shelton


It has been my privileged to have worked with Bobby on church and civic projects. He brings wisdom and devoted leadership to every project.

Jerry English

Mayor of Frost Tx. (Ret.)


As a small business owner in tough times we need tough men to lead this state. We have a lot of problems in this district horrible roads, high taxes, illegal aliens in the sanctuary city Corsicana, over crowded hospitals and collapse of local infrastructure in our small country communities. We need a man who will stand up to the establishment and take care of his home community first and not play politics. Southern Cross Ranch is proud to endorse Bobby Vickery for Texas State Representative.

David “Doc” Hubbard

Southern Cross Ranch


 We need dedicated conservatives who believe in God, country, and family. I feel that Bobby is the candidate who will put the Texas House back in the hands of the people. He has shown an understanding of the concerns that people in District 8 struggle with and the will to do what needs to be done to meet those concerns with conservative actions.

Linda Sandifer


I’ve only known Bobby for a short time. But have had an at length conversation with him .All I can say folks is that this is the type of Representation we need at this time in our history. You can bet Bobby will have my full support.

Allan Ayo
Vietnam Veteran


Bobby Vickery is a strong committed Christian Conservative. He has an abundance of things that really count in life. Things such as honesty, integrity,loyalty, high moral standards,values, and friendship. He is very responsible and has a successful track record in business, community, and church. He has a great work ethic and is dedicated and committed to doing what is right. He lives his live based on the Godly principles of Scripture. Bobby Vickery is a compassionate Conservative who believes in, and will fight for individual liberties and states rights. He is a true Statesman who communicates with and listens to the people. I fully endorse Mr . Bobby Vickery for Texas State Representative, District 8.

Rod Skelton
Retired Pastor/Disabled Vet


I can’t think of a better person to represent District 8 in Austin than Bobby Vickery. As a small business owner and community leader he understands the challenges our community and state are facing. You can count on him to protect our property rights, secure the border, and find fiscally sound solutions to fix the state’s budget without raising taxes.

-Al Mann, Mayor of Frankston

2 comments on “Endorsements

  1. Amanda Johnson says:

    You’ve got my vote. We need a true conservative, who is not afraid to stand up for traditional Christian values.

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